Graduating Class JRI 1963

Graduating Class JRI 1963
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Dear All,
I received a call from Mike asking to inform you all that the venue for our grand reunion has been changed to De la Fuente Farm Resort located in Bantan. This place is easy to locate for those who will be coming late.
It is now less than a month and we will see one other. Isn't it exciting? We will share a video of our grand reunion with those who cannot come for a valid reason.
See you then.



Evite R S V P's and Comments

1. JOSEFINA JAVIER- MACALUA : "Of course, I will be at the reunion."
2. PILAR VILLEGAS CUEVAS: "Of course, I will be there to see you all, guys!"
3. ANNIE NAVARRO BENJAMIN: "Yes, I'll be there. I will not miss it for the world."
4. OFELIA REYES REYES: " No comment, but coming".
5. ERNESTO DEL ROSARIO: "I don't want to miss this. I will be there."
6. FRANCISCO HERILLA and GUEST: "We will be there to see you all."
7. LUCILA QUICHO: "Who would like to miss that day? I will be around,classmates."
8. ANSELMO LABRADOR: "Yes, I will be joining all my fellow classmates of '63, and looking forward to catching up with all. Take care and see you soon."
9. NELIA AMPARO: "Now, I'm coming for sure. I just found my passport in the garage, after praying to St. Anthony. We had a big fire in 2003 that we had to evacuate. I didn't realize that I never put it back with the important papers. I've been looking for it for more than a week. I don't want to miss this very special event."
10. BENRUBEN BALUYOT: " Yes, I will come to see the beautiful and the handsome of class'63 after four decades. I will be alone, because Rhodora has been tied up with our 5-year old Grandson. Pogi katulad ng LOLO."
11. ROLANDO SAN JOSE: "I will certainly be there. Wouldn't miss it for all the world. I will print this Evite and distribute this to others who have no access to the internet. See you all".
12. MIKE CRUZ: " Ako pa, of course I will be there 101% to see you all especially Ernesto (Carias) Santos. ha! ha! ha!"
13. ERNESTO SANTOS: " Sure, I will be there".
14. ARMANDO REYES + 3 Guests: " Yes, I am coming. I am always just around Bataan."
15. EDITA ALMAZAN: " I will be there. I won't miss this special event. See you all."

For Ursulo

For Ursulo

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Howdy! from the US of A

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N E W S .~.F L A S H

The GRAND REUNION will be held on 9 May 2007 at the Quicho's Farm, Bilolo, Orion Bataan. Your local contact persons are Rolando San Jose (047 244 4308); Belen Buenaventura Almazan (047 244 4314); Alfredo Gabriel (047 244 5054); Violeta Feliciano Cordero (047 244 4190); Lagrimas Guzman Flores (047 237 2126) and Luz Quicho (047 244 4060).










The preparation for The JRI Class of 1963 (Orion) GRAND REUNION on 9 May 2007 is proceeding at full speed. Mike and his team of dedicated Orionettes are hard at work to ensure it will be An Affair to Remember. Don't miss it! And spread the news. For further details on the time, date, venue and planned activities, please contact Mike (MLCruz2930@yahoo) , Pilar (;; or your local contacts in Orion

Batchmates - Classmates - FRIENDS

Batchmates - Classmates -                   FRIENDS

E-mail between Pilar and Luz

Thank you for the update on the latest batch meeting. I really don't know if we can hold our meeting at our house. We may be able to hold it outside as the ground is big but there is nothing to sit on there, unless everybody doesn't mind standing while the meeting is held.
I cannot offer to hold it in the house as the heat inside will be unbearable, especially if there are many attendees. Maybe it is better to hold it at our hulo as we have a nipa hut there with a picnic table and cemented area as well as gripo and toilet. Tuloy mini picnic na rin natin. What do you think?
Please let me know so I can advise my brother and our caretaker. Regards to all and take care.
God Bless,
Dear Pilar,
I just arrived from the meeting. About 20 came to attend, 11 males and 9 ladies, Belen, Rosa, Perlita , Ofelia Reyes and Ofelia Angeles, Luz Torres, Julie and me, Mike, Terry, Rolando Reyes, Alfredo,ArmandoReyes, Juanito, Ramon, Reynaldo Diolola, Ruperto Bagtas and Jose Mariano. Rolly was not able to come as he is in Cavite and most of the ladies may mga bisita sa bahay.
We were able to discuss the activities for May 9 and 10. Masaya pa rin panay biruan at balik tanaw sa nakaraan. Mike brought pancit , suman and ice cream for merienda. We assigned tasks for the activities, the kitchen cabinet, those who will canvass the venue for the dinner dance, and those who do the marketing and of course those who will still contact other classmates.
We will meet at your place 0n May 4 for the status of the assigned task. Mike told us that you will be in Orion that time.If it is okay with you let me know so we can confirm.
After the meeting we visited Ursulo and promise him that we will be back on the 4th kasama na kayo.
This is all, classmate. All are so excited for the reunion.

Ernie Writes to Nelia

Dear Nelia,
Personally, I am so deeply touched by your life sharing. Anyone in your shoes, who went through those series of trials and difficuties could easily walk away and give up. But you perdured. Your strength of character has prevailed over seemingly insurmountable odds. You have demonstrated faith in God par excellence!
I cannot imagine any other way to express one's love for parents and siblings than what you have exhibited. You have arrogated unto yourself a distinctive role of provider for your less fortunate sisters. You have gone beyond what a typical daughter or sister could have done in the situation. Your supreme sacrifice is worthy of emulation! For this, I honor you, and I stand proud for having a classmate like you!
Your life sharing is much more inspiring and so enriching of one's soul!
You deserve honor and great respect!


I was kind of hesitant to write the story of my life, but I'd like this to be an inspiration to some of our clasmates who like me experienced some unbearable heartaches that only people of strong faith and character can handle. First of all I would like to thank God for possibly sharing this coming reunion with you just the way I thank God for the whole class for being a part of my life even for a short time. It was a beautiful experience, something that I would like to experience all over again.
I would like to thank my parents who inspite of being poor worked so hard to send us to college, for the good genes that we inherited from them (intelligence and strength of character that we used as a tool to pursue our dreams and to overcome the wolves around us.
I'd like to thank our beloved teachers who never got tired of our mischiefs, who unselflessly shared their knowledge with us. They gave us a very good foundation of what we have become.
1963,graduation day, a day of mixed emotions I was both happy and sad; happy because I can start a new chapter in my life; sad because I'm going to miss my classmates who have grown so dear to me. After graduation I stopped for one year to help my parents. My mother had a small grocery store in Balanga Market which helped my older sister in college. My oldest sister also helped us a lot . After my sisters graduation from college(bsnutrition)
, I went to UST to take up Medical Technology. My sister went to the USA as a student at Loma Linda University. She lived with my uncle in L.A. but she didn't go to school right away because she was helping put us through college. I also have a brother who went to a college of engineering. So my sister started working already in a hospital close to L.A. Later on she found a job in Pomona Hospital where she worked for 17 years.
I graduated in 1968 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Technology. A
fter a year of job hunting,I found a job at V .Luna Med Center ,training the newly graduates from different universities. After 2 years, my sister decided that I go to the U.S. on a tourist visa . She was hoping that she could do something so I could stay. I quit my job in V. Luna and headed for the states. That was 1971. I only stayed for 6 months because they put me under docket control . If i didn't go back to the Philippines, I would be deported. My sister could't do anything because she was not a citizen yet. There were 2 americans who wanted to marry me but i didn't love either of them and besides my sister won't let me anyway. So my sister decided to send me back home instead of me hiding from the immigration. It was heartbreaking for both of us. We were both crying at the airport when I left. I was crying the whole trip. When I got home my father cried. He felt so sorry for me.
I went back to V. Luna to see if I could take my old job back but they already found a replacement. It was so hard to look for a job as a technologist because hospitals only hire one or 2 techs. I went home so depressed. 3 months later my father passed away. He suffered a massive heart attack. It was a blow to our family. My sister came home from the U.S. It was so hard for her because she haven't seen him for a long time and she wanted him so much to go to the states. My mother had a nervous breakdown and everything was thrown at my shoulder at my young age. I took my mother to V. Luna to be checked. With a combination of a good doctor and a lot of prayers my mother got well.
Five years went by and finally my eldest sister found me a job at Makati Medical Center. I rented a room in one of my friends' house where Pareng Mike would bring me those large shrimps that he used to export to Japan. I was still living in that place when I came to the province one weekend and I happened to see Ernesto. On our way to Manila he asked me if i wanted to ride with him. I was so excited as we haven't seen each other for a long time so I rode with him and we talked to each other the whole trip. I can still remember his car,a red lancer.
In 1976 my sister petitioned my mom and in December 1979 ,my sister, my youngest brother and I went to the states. My brother after me was working in Brunie at that time so he could't come with us. We were so happy to be together again after long years of separation. My sister would take us to places and we had so much fun together. My sister liked me a lot because I have a good sense of humor. That happiness only lasted for a year. GOD took her away from us too soon. She was killed by a 14 year old boy who lived just opposite her house. She had known that boy when he was only 7 years old. She would ask him to mow the lawn and give him money. She even helped him buy a horse. One day he went crazy wanting to steal her car. When my sister refused to give him the key, he went home, got a baseball bat, came back and bashed my sister on the head until she died. His three friends who were with him couldn't stop him. At that time she was by herself. The day before it happened we were together the whole day shopping. Little did i know it would be the last time I would see her. When I came home from work, the sheriff was there explaining what happened. I felt like the whole world crumbled in front of me. I started screaming and screaming for I don't know how long. I refused to believe; I refused to accept that it was true.
My mother had another nervous breakdown. She wouldn't eat, wouldn't sleep and started throwing things at us. When she broke the apartment window, I had to call the police and she was taken to the hospital. I took her out after 3 days because they put her with drug addicts. I was able to get my brother from Brunie to attend the funeral but I could't get my sister from the Philippines. From that time on I stopped dreaming . I wanted everything just to stop. I felt like i couldn't go on. From 98 lbs. I went down to 85 lbs. I was skin and bones but GOD has a plan for me, something that I didn't know at the time. I had to keep going for my family I could not die yet. So many things to do.
Years went by, I passed the board exam in which would have made my sister so happy. She had wanted it so much for me. I got a decent job in a hospital which gave me a chance to take care of my family including my sister in the Phil. In 1988 she had a stroke that left half of her body paralyzed. We went home to see her.I was so shocked when I saw her. She didn't look like my sister at all. She was skin and bones and she looked so sad. She told me that she couldn't get over the loss of our sister. She wanted to see her even for a brief moment. My heart melted to see her like that. Later on that day she got disoriented. She couldn't recognize any of us so i decided to ask for her to be transferred to a private room. The guy at Admission told me that she would be the last on the list and he doesn't know how long we had to wait. A few hours later I went back to the Admssion to see if there was a chance for her to be transferred that night. She couldn't sleep because the visitors of the other patient were so noisy. When the guy looked at the list her name was on top of it. I think it was Jesus who moved her name to no.1 on the list. How could it happen when there were so many ahead of her.
That night I called her doctor and she was referred to a neurologist. The following morning when she woke up she recognized me as if nothing happened. She told me that the previous night Jesus took her the mountain where GOD gave the ten commandments to Moses, then HE took her to heaven where he saw my grandparents my father and my sister all dressed in white but they were just staring at her. My sister was surrounded by little angels and she was teaching them how to sing. I was having gooze bumps while she was talking but she never mentioned anything about it afterwards.
Six months later, her only son got killed by a group of teen agers while walking back to the dorm after having dinner with his friends. He was walking behind his three friends when all of a sudden they were attacked. When he saw his friends fall he came to their rescue and he was the one who got killed. One and a half years later my sister passed away,- after another stroke. She never got over the death of her son.
1998 my brother afterme had a major heart bypass after 3 previous heart attacks. In 2003 my remaining sister had a massive stroke which damaged her short term memory. How can you take all these if you don't have a very strong faith in GOD? Now I just live in the present, from day to day. I don't dwell in the past, I don't worry about the future. GOD will take care of it. In this journey I'm not afraid anymore because JESUS is traveling with me.
Now I will explain to you about the title of my story. There was a very beautiful pot on a shelf. Everybody who passed by paused in awe because that pot was very beautiful and flawless but nobody knows the pain it had to go through while being moulded. Everytime the potter put it under intense heat it would beg," Stop, stop, it hurts" but the potter would not stop. He went on and on and each time the pot would beg for him to stop because it really hurt so much until one day the pot became so beautiful and perfect it was ready to be placed on that shelf for everybody to appreciate. My dear classmates we are the pot and the potter is our Creator. He wants us to be perfect so that when the time comes , we will be worthy of his kingdom. I know what Ernesto is talking about. The foundation of our civilization is morality and the center of morality is GOD.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for your patience, I hope you didn't fall asleep .
With all my love ,
i'll see you all in may.


Si Ernesto (Karias) ay maka Pilipino kaya bilang pagbibigay sa kanyang kahilingan, sa wika natin ko ito isinulat. Siya ay nasa Amerika subalit ang puso at isipan niya ay nanatiling nasa ating bansang PILIPINAS.
Noong nasa mataas na paaralan pa lamang tayo sa “Jose Rizal Institute, Orion, Bataan” 44 na taon na ang nakalilipas, ang pagkakakilala ko kay Ernesto K ay isa siyang napakagulong kamagaral. Marami siyang kalokohan sa ulo na ang karamihan ay “BERDE” na kung babanggiting kong lahat ngayon ay baka kulangin tayo ng espasyo para sa mga iba pang dapat malathala sa ating blogspot.
Si ErnestoK ay palaibig. Sa katunayan nga ay hindi lamang iisa ang naging “crush” niya sa ating mga kamagaral. Mahilig siya sa mga mapuputing babae, kaya kung kayo ay maputi , malaki ang tsansa na kabilang kayo sa listahan niya ng mga “crushes” niya. Hindi siya nakapagpahayag o nakapagparamdam sa kahit kanino sa mga naging crush niya. Di naman masasabing “TORPE” kaya malamang ay natakot lamang siya sa “REJECTION.” Ayon sa kanyang pagtatapat, lagi siyang dumaadaan sa tapat ng bahay ng mga naging crush niya at talagang matanaw lamang daw niya ang bahay ng mga iyon ay naguumapaw na ang saya sa kanyang puso.
Pagkatapos ng ating graduation, minabuti ni Ernesto(K) na lumuwas ng Maynila upang makapagtrabaho. Isa niyang magandang katangian ang pagiging mababang-loob at ang maluwag na pagtanggap sa tunay nilang katayuan sa buhay. Minabuti niyang pumasok na sa U.S. Navy noong 1964 bagama’t di pa siya nakakapagtapos sa kolehiyo.
Noong nasa Navy na siya binalak sana niyang magpahayag ng pagibig sa isa kanyang crush subalit nanaig pa rin sa kanya ang takot sa “REJECTION”. Iba pala ang nakaguhit sa kanyang tadhana, dahil nakilala niya si Brenda na siyang nagpatibok nang matindi sa kanyang puso, na di kalaunan ay siya niyang naging kabiyak. Ang matamis na salitang namutawi sa labi ni Ernesto K ang sanhi ng pagsagot ni Brenda ng “Yes I do.” “HINDI KO MAAARING SABIHING IKAW LAMANG ANG MINAHAL KO , SA DAHILANG MARAMI AKONG MINAHAL. SUBALIT IKAW ANG GUSTO KONG MAKASAMA HABANG BUHAY, AT MAGING INA NG LAHAT NG AKING MAGIGING ANAK."
Ang pagiging magulo at maloko ni Ernesto(K) ay dahilan lang sa kanyang likas na pagiging masayahin. Siya ay isang ulirang asawa, at ama ng kanyang dalawang anak na sina Melannie at Jan-Michael. Siya ay may limang apo kay Jan-Michael na sina Jevon, 10 taon, Jezren 7-1/2 taon, Miriya 5-1/2 taon, Jan-Michael 4-1/2 taon at Jarian 18 buwan.
Sa ngayon si ErnestoK ay retirado na at masayang nagaalaga “by the book” ng kanyang bunsong apo na kanyang itinuturing ding bunsong anak. Pinagkakaabalahan din niya sa ngayon ang pagpapalaganap ng “Religious Movement” na kung saan siya ay isang kasapi pati na ang kanyang buong pamilya. Malaki ang naging pagbabagong naganap sa buhay ni ErnestoK sa pagsapi niya sa “Banal Na Pag-aaral” isang katolikong kapisanan. Nagkaroon ako ng pagkakataong makausap siya simula ng isagawa ang ating planong magkaroon ng “grand reunion.” Sa tuwing makakausap ko siya, ang namumtawi sa kanya ay ang Panginoon na siyang lumikha sa atin. Si Karias na dating magulo ay naging isang maka-Diyos na tao.
Noong malaman ni Karias ang tungkol sa ating grand reunion sumangayon kaagad ang kanyang asawa na siya ay dumalo, bagamat kararating lamang nila sa bakasyon sa Hawaii at may plano ang kanyang buong pamilya (11 miyembro ng pamilya) na umuwi sa Pilipinas sa susunod na taon . “Ang mga kamagaral ko, 44 taon ang nakalipas ay naging bahagi rin ng aking buhay. Gusto ko silang makita at hindi ko alam kung mauulit pa ito.” Hindi mo rin alam baka may magandang plano ang Diyos para sa akin.” Para palang makata si ErnestoK, kaya napapasagot agad niya si Brenda. Sa totoo lang nanaig kay ErnestoK ang pagmamahal niya sa ating lahat sa Batch 1963, kaya nagdesisiyon siya na kahit ano ang mangyari ay uuwi siya para minsan pa ay magkasama-sama tayong lahat.
Ito si ErnestoK, NOON AT NGAYON. Nagkaroon ng magandang buhay kapalit ng kanyang pagsisikap at matibay na pananalig sa Diyos.

Josie Confesses: My Other Love

I love my husband so much, that’s a fact. But at my age of almost six decades, I must confess I have 'another love'. We’ve been inseparable since the late nineties. My husband, 'my other love' and myself have been cohabiting peacefully ever since, and in the same bedroom at that. My husband is so much fun to be with, but then he is either in the office or abroad most of the time.
'My other love' keeps me company 24/7. He never leaves me. He is so helpful in so many ways. He helps me remember names, addresses, an infinite area of knowledge, important dates, even helps me get in touch with our children, relatives, friends, and business contacts, as well.
Why am I writing about 'my other love'? Call it 'separation anxiety'.I have no recourse but to leave him until the 31st of this month. For me, that would seem like eternity. I’m leaving for Manila and Orion, day after tomorrow. I feel like crying. I’ll be with my husband alright.But he wouldn't allow 'my other love' to go with us. It’s so sad, really sad!
You see, 'my other love' is quite heavy, by human standard. And he has to be placed in secured boxes for travel. That would really be cumbersome. Can’t blame my husband for refusing to tag him along.Know he's being practical, because we would have to shell out money for excess baggage, which will most likely happen if I insist on us being a threesome.
And so, I really have to say adieu, to you, 'my other love.' Please wait for me and welcome me back into your loving keyboard, ehrr, I mean,arms, when I come back. There, it's a slip of the tongue. aba, e bakit ka nagulat? Ano ba ang akala mong 'other love' ko? Ha? Grabe ka naman. Ang 'OTHER LOVE' ko ay itong PERSONAL COMPUTER ko. MY PC! kaya nga di ko pwedeng dalhin, dahil mabigat siya. o sige na nga, titiisin ko na lang ang paghihiwalay namin.

Pete and Josie at Charles de Gaulle Airport in France

Josie with the Fertilizer & Pesticides Authority International Executives

The Javier Clan

My Latest Love Affair

My Latest Love Affair
Daniel Whyte and me

My Other Loves

My Other Loves
Pabling and Jazmyn

From Annie and Eddie's Album

From Annie and Eddie's Album

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